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In a Hand Cast for 3 Months, Training Direction?

hey everyone, im about to go in for an opperation on the ligaments in my thumb and as a result my right hand will be out of action for 3 months. I was wondering if anyone had any tips about the sort of training that i might be able to do to get around this problem. On the bright side this will be a good opportunity to bring up my legs which have always been a problem. I usually train with a bodypart split and have been developing both size and stength well up to this point. Although to be honest any sort of training that will give me some sort of stimulus will be of value now.

Check out the above linked article: Three Work-Arounds for Physique Success by Nick Tumminello.

It has one situation that is exactly like yours.

in dec '06 i cut my hand open and severed the tendon to my right index finger. My hand was in a brace and not a full cast, but i couldnt grip with it for about 2 months. I started doing squats and good mornings with a camber bar, more leg press, leg ext, leg curls, and seated calf raises. Lower body plyometric work, as well as Step ups and lunges with a chain around your neck. You can use ab straps or chains hanging from your elbow to do db flyes, lateral raises, and some upper back work.
I cant remember his name but check out the wrestler with no hands or feet and you can mimic some of his stuff.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Also which hand is it? A positive of this type of injury is you have to force yourself to become partially ambidextrous,…whic causes more brain activity. This can cause you to actually gain greater cognitive function and can aid in your training because you are forced to start using certtain muscles in new ways.

yeah just had my operation, i never realised how much easier it is to do things with two hands instead of one. Yeah thanks for those tips these some good things for me to utilise there. Btw its my right hand thats busted but im a lefty so i can still do some of those important things…

Its good to hear its not your main hand…learning to wipe your ass with the other hand is harder than you think.

I would do quite a bit of zercher squats and the like to keep as much back strength as you can.