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In a Funk, Try Eccentic-less Training?


Hey CT/folks, i noticed you said that when your body feels down but your ready to go mentally that you perform an eccentric less workout. I done a light day yesterday using %55-70 of my 1RM using 2 upper and 1 lower lift.

I'm thinking of throwing my tire/sled in the car and doing some backward and forward walks.

Should i minimize metabolic fatigue when using the sled for this purpose? Considering sled work destroys me if i use it for conditioning.



try a neural charge workout if your run down. find the "activation training" article for more detail.


Thanks, however i think CT said he uses neural charge workouts for when his CNS is drained.

Here's the quote:


Update: I went ahead with the OHP but ditched the DB bench press and lower body lift. I hit a PB!!

Last 7 days i used HFT based on HPM and CT's first person article a few years ago.

Dec 3th - OHP - 4x5@55-70%, DB bench press - 2x5@55%
Dec 4th - OHP - 3x3@55-60%
Dec 5th - DB bench press - 5x5@55%
Dec 6th - OHP - 8x3@55-85%
Dec 7th - off
Dec 8th - OHP - 4x3@55-65%, DB bench press - 5x3@50%
Dec 9th - OHP Personal record!

I also done deads and squats but less frequent.

I LOVE HFT! Technique is huge. This way you can practice it ALOT.


touché, I misread. Just don't go overboard get the prowler flu. looks like that post you found answered your question. congrats on the new pb


I only used my homemade tire/sled once so far. But i plan on using it when i feel rundown, physically. I won't be using it for conditioning though.

I guess i answered my other question too. :slightly_smiling: