Impurities in Oil

Yes, with you picking CC9900, and given the vagaries of monitor calibration and the difficulty of comparing glowing computer-screen colors with colors of (for example) powders or oil solutions, it could well be that there is only an oxidation issue, no actual orange tint but rather brownishness, and the thing about the OP’s picture that struck you was the lack of brownness, due to lack of oxidation.

It is very, very easy for powdered TA to oxidize.

That color chart is not a complete one (I did only a quick search to find something usable) and CC9900, though it has a touch too much red in it, is the closest match to typical slightly-oxidized TA.

Thanks, Mr. Roberts.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I think I’ll have another look in daylight as opposed to trying to accurately asses the color by looking through a syringe (my vial is amber) onto white paper and holding it up against the screen.


I don’t know about your sources, but all the stuff appears “amber-ish” to me. The tren is no doubt a different color than the others. I don’t know what it says for me that I haven’t seen otherwise, but live and learn.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:

  1. Each would have to decide on his own whether to salvage a product so shoddily and carelessly produced as to have a hair in it. As for myself, I would think that anyone who is in a position to filter such a product is also in a position to make their own rather than use something produced by such a careless person.

If they they are that shoddy and care that little about quality and your health, who is to say that that is the only problem. It is not that expensive to make one’s own TA and not have to worry about the obvious lack of integrity and/or skills or care of the dealer who made this shoddy stuff.[/quote]

yes, with my access to equipment, i would really like to homebrew my own stuff. but access to the raw materials is abit of a challenge.

Finaplix is extremely easy to buy, and any quite justifiable concern about quality of black-market powder is removed.

How do you go about buying something for a farm animal, if you don’t have a farm? They don’t have some type of checking system?

Perhaps some places do.

If using the Internet, either you see the order go through without them ever having asked such a thing, or (hypothetically) you see a page demanding such documentation.

just so you know, i live in a small island in the south east of asia where chewing gum is banned. well, sorta banned-ish.

Oh. Well in that case, I have utterly no knowledge as to whether it would be easy in that situation to acquire Finaplix or not.

well, i talked to my source and though he swears by the gear, he’s agreed to swap it with a fresh batch that he’s collecting over the week. still, i’m gonna filter whatever it is that i get now. unless it’s human gear. cant be too careful now yeah?