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Improvised Trap Bar Deadlift


The trap bar deadlift has always been my favorite quad exercise, but the problem is that my gym has taken away its trap bar. What i'm thinking of doing as a replacement is taking two barbells, placing them to my left and my right and deadlifting them. Like a dumbbell deadlift but with barbells. I did this today with 135 on each side and it felt like a trap bar deadlift. My question is: will there be any problems in the future with this lift as i progress? So far the only problem was balance but carefully gripping it in the proper place and using straps seemed to fix it.

Thanks in advance


Hand positioning. They don't move on the trap bar.


Can you explain on this? Without straps hand positioning was a problem but with straps it seemed to be a non-issue as long as i held the bar precisely in the middle.


Look at your hands on the trap bar. they are x inches from your body.

Look at your hands on the BB's. Are you going to use your delts to keep them at x inches from your body? It's a minor thing though.


I get what you're saying. Hopefully it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Just wanna make sure this lift is worthwhile before progressing on it.


double suitcase deadlift? Hell if it is working and no one complains then have at it


Can't you do any of the other awesome quad exercises instead? This seems like a pretty good way to injure yourself when you go heavy. Form breaks down at some point. Being strapped to two heavy unbalanced bars when that happens isn't something I would want.

Squats, front squats, leg presses, hack squats and variations thereof aren't enough for you?


I've always liked rickshaw deads. Fixes that "balance" issue. Just stick two barbells against a wall, stack plates on one end (like you would with a T-Bar/Corner Row) and grab the bars, then pull.