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improvised reverse hypers

For this phase, I’m doing reverse hypers by turning myself around on a regular hyperbench. I try to be “explosive” in the movement, as often recommended.

If my torso hops off the bench a little at the end of each rep is that adequate proof that I’ve achieved an explosive tempo?

With this “hang time” (and the impact coming down), are there any dangers that the official reverse-hyper bench would preclude, other than falling off?

Any help would be appreciated.

Your time in the gym would probably be better spent doing a different movement to work the same muscles.

See the FAQ at elitefts.com

I realize this doesn’t answer your question, but trying to duplicate a reverse hyper without being on the “official” machine usually doesn’t accomplish all that much.

I do reverse hypers by laying on a board across the rack and strapping some jumpstretch bands around my ankles and anchoring them down to the rack or some heavy DB’s. Not as good as the real thing, but it’s ok for a warm-up and GPP.

clyde: I love hearing people’s McGuyver improvisations…sounds like a lot of work, but sweet.

Anyone else have suggestions of ways that one could do Rev. Hypers without the bench? The standard hyper (back ext) in my gym is one of the ones at like a 45 deg. angle, so I can’t use that.

I use a standing preacher curl bench with bands. Hooking your feet to a cable from the front also works, but the cable tends to hit the benches supports.

Guys… listen to Steve.

I’ve done it all before. The bands, hanging off a table with a dumbbell attached to my feet, etc.

None of these affect the posterior chain like a true reverse hyper would. And when you finally do get to use a reverse hyper, your technique will be compromised from all the other ways you did it. You will have to de-learn your previous method and learn the real way.

Bobu and Steve: I totally get it, but not too many gyms have them! The only gym I’ve been in that had it was the athlete’s gym here at the university.

So, I’ll heed your advice, but I’d like to give 'em a shot.