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Improvised Reverse Hyper

My gym doesn’t have a reverse hyper machine, but they do have an abdominal/leg raise bench contraption that adjusts from horizontal to vertical. If I adjust the thing to horizontal, and then lay face-down on it, and hold some weight between my feet or ankles, would the motion of my legs coming up be the same as if I used a real reverse hyper?

Didn’t you ask this same exact question a week or two ago?

No, I had a question about good morning form.


Sorry, must’ve been somebody else.

What happens when you can’t hold the weight between your feet? The load is going to be pretty small when you reach your limit. Waste of time.

Thanks for the link, that cleared up some biomechanics questions.

I’ve improvised a little rig to help me on these. I took some of those wrap-around ankle weights, attached a chain and a quick release clip, so I can run the chain through a weight, secure it to the other ankle, and there you go.

Try this-If you can take the backrest off from a leg-extension machine, do so. Otherwise, put the backrest as far back as possible, this might work as well. Now put the lower pad that rests on your shins to it’s lowest position. The leg-extension machine is now ready for reverse hypers. Lie prone on the machine(on your stomach) so you are facing backwards and the edge of the seat is at the fold of your hips/midsection. Put your legs under the lower pad so your calves are against the pad(similar position as a leg curl machine), now with the legs straight, you can perform a reversehyper that you can adjust the weight on. It works great! I have a reverse hyper bench at my gym, but I still prefer to do it this way.

Use a high bench with dynabands if you don’t have the proper equipment. Bodyweight will often suffice as well. Depends on what you’re looking to acheive.

I found that using a donkey calf raise machine, only with your body turned towards the weight and your hands holding onto the weight stack works. I have to find away to add weight to it though