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Improvised Glute Ham Raise

Looking for advise please. The gym I go to does not seem to have a roman chair. How would one do glute ham raises or some reverse hypers?

I look forward to your expertise.

Thanks in advance

You can do a natural GHR by just jamming your feet under something heavy when you kneel on the ground.

You can also do reverse hypers by putting a decline bench on top of two milk crates and bending over it prison style. For more weight, strap weights between your ankles with an old leather belt.

Put a bar on the floor with 45lb weights on it and use that. This works for me in my garage.

I do them underneath the bottom step of the stair in my apartment.

I use the lat pulldown. Face away from the weight stack, slot your ankles under the ‘knee’ pads and away you go.

There are three benefits with this technique:

  1. You can do glute ham raises.
  2. Not doing them on the floor means you have a greater range of motion and less chance of mistiming your stop.
  3. Someone can’t use the lat pulldown (and may try chins).

NB: Take bars etc off the pulley. They bloody hurt if you smack your head into them … So I’ve heard.

David, I don’t remember telling you that that hurts.

Just a note about the lat pulldown version of the GHR, you need to really balance your knees on that seat. Try using a towel to provide a little more grip.

Thanks very much everyone. I would never have thought of the lat pulldown.