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I am a 22 year old Male in good physical condition.
My skin for the most part is OK. Unfortunately, I have wrinkles on my forehead, and they really stand out. What’s even worse is that it’s not a normal wrinkle, but just 1 irregular curvy line. My skin is kind of pale and everything really stands out on the forehead. I wash my face with nutregena soap almost every day. Unfotunately, my forehead skin remains kind of dry, and kind of pale with every blemish standing out. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to improve this?Any product? I am becoming more and more self conscious of this and I feel it’s really starting to hold me back in some situations. I live in New York and winter time is upon us, so I am not really sure about a self tan kit, since I know it will be so obvious. Any help at all would be greatly appricated it.

PS. I wish I could post a pic of my forehead, but I am having hardware issues.

Go to a dermatologist or other skin care specialist. You may be able to find some skin care products to help, or you could do dermabrasion or a chemical peel.

Go tanning.

wear a toque.

or if that fails, try not to worry about it so much, you sound kind of uptight about this, and that alone may be causeing you to furrow your brow…making a forehead crease.


tanning will only give you more wrinkles.

Best advice I ever got?
You are your own worst critic most people would look at your forehead and think it looks like every other forehead in the world buddy. Relax go to the gym, work out eat right everything else falls into place

Work on the inside first.

Then the outside doesn’t seem as bad or as hard to fix.


Ok… Hope nobody tries to pull my man card… cuz I would hate to break off my boot in their arse. [:wink:

First off. Nutrogena soaps generally suck, esp if you have sensitive skin. Good alternatives are the Clinique for Men bar, Skin Diver by Origins(occasionally for deep cleaner.), and a fruit based clarifying cleanser also by Origins. Then you need to get a couple of moisturizers… The Clinique gentle moisturizer (it comes in a pump bottle and has a yellowish color) is good for most purposes. If you still tend to be a bit dry add the Origins moisturizing cream(I forget the name for that as well.) All of these products are available at Macy’s. The Skin Diver works well for chest and arms if tend towards blemishes there as well. You could probably use Skin Diver daily but I find I get better results if I alternate it with something that is less abrasive.

As for the line, if it’s deep then it’s probably not due to dryness but brow furrowing. I have had two lines that I have since I was 15. They set off my Cro-Magnon brow nicely. And they have done nothing to deter the chicks…

Ok… I have to go the gym before my nuts hide in shame.

Oh, and definitely don’t tan or tan-kit…

If you don’t have enough natural light to even out the fake’n’bake hues then you’ll look the fool anyway…

If you really have issues with the blemish factor, then use the flesh tone Clearisil.

Or choose not to give a flying fornication but obviously that hasn’t been my plan.

Supposedly there are things you can do that combat skin aging.

Take a look at the January 2003 issue of the Life Extension Magazine. That issue’s cover story was about combating skin aging, which usually means wrinkles.

Hit the magazine tab and dig into their archives.

Dual relax bro,

Here is some advice.

  1. See your Dermatologist! Best Advice I can give you for skin problems. They will put you on some topical solutions and even some antibiotics for acne or whatever your skin problem may be. The key is… Schedule an appointment w/ your dermatologist right away!!!

  2. Traditional tanning is a horrible idea if your concerned with health, skin, and wrinkles. Don’t EVER go to a tanning booth with bulbs or roast out in the sun. From the description you describe your skin type as pale. Your skin type from your description conveys that your skin does not tan or your skin is not very responsive to tanning. In other words your skin may be sensitive and able to merely burn.

Go do Mystic tans! It is a self tanning booth that sprays on tanning solution. It’s safe, effective, and natural at good tanning salons. The celebrities are raving about it. They understand traditional tanning is horrible for their complextion and bad for their health. You can get CANCER from traditional tanning. Don’t do it. celebrities are loving these spray booths and taking advantage of this.

  1. Your a bit hard on yourself don’t you think? I get a tone of insecurity from your post? Those are common “problems” amongst many people (paleness and skin conditions). You got to get confident and comfortable with yourself. :slight_smile: It is not so much how you look as opposed to how you present yourself to people. Screaming confidence is more attractive than how you perceive yourself attractiveness when comparing.

Let’s recapp:

  1. You want clearer skin? Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist tomarrow! Do something tomarrow about what your insecure about.

  2. Go to a tanning salon and ask if they have spray on tanning booths or someone who airbrushes the self tanner on. Avoid sun tanning or light tanning booths.

  3. Get some confidence with yourself.

-Get Lifted


Since I am feeling extra *metrosexual today heres another tip to boost your self confidence.

Dress like a champ everywhere. Even if your not going out or anything. Girls love guys dressed to the teeth. (relatively speaking, depending on what your your trying to pull off: Trucker/skater dude look, Bad boy look, business look, trendy/fun look, casual look.

My point is maybe get some new threads or start dressing up all the time. This will boost your self esteem.

Self-esteem is described: how you TREAT yourself.

My best rule of thumb is this, treat yourself as how you would treat a date or someone very special to you.

So dress up in nice clothes, give yourself *positive messages, treat yourself to some fine dining, live in a clean environment and don’t be too hard on yourself, as if your taking care of your girlfriend or wife.

-Good luck,

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