Improving Your Ability to Post Replies and Review the Thread

When having to review a lot of material in a thread to make a post, the upper window is too small. After you begin an edit, use F11 to go to full screen and use F11 when finished. This will make things easier and improve your ability to make a comprehensive contribution.

And when doing this, with cursor clicked active in the edit window, you can search the thread with ^F aka Ctrl F or control F. This allows you to review a thread for specific content.


You can also adjust the reply box size by dragging the top grey bar of the reply box. This should adjust the ratio of reply to thread text on your screen:

To search within a thread, you can also use the site’s built-in search, at the top right corner. Clicking “Search This Topic” to contain the search to the current thread. For example:

Also note that the “Search This Topic” will automatically change to “Search [whatever] Category” if you’re on a general forum page.

Or “Search Posts by [member]” if you’re on their profile.

Neat tool.