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Improving Wrist Stability


I’m not sure exactly how it started but after a layoff and returning to gym the bones in both my wrists ( and also both thumb joints ) started “moving around” during some exercises. Not really pain per se but uncomfortable and disturbing when it happens and it is audible… not the typical tendon “snap” sound more like a very deep rumbling/shifting sound. It seems like the ligaments/muscles in my hand/wrist may have gotten looser and there is enough play for the bones to move around more than they should be now and they are moving in and out of alignment… basically my guess is the joint stability isn’t what it should be.

For instance it will happen if i allow bar to go past a certain point on wrist curls. Has anyone had an issue like this with their wrists? I am trying to do some basic light forearm work like partial wrist curls/reverse wrist curls in hopes it will strengthen the area and eventually stabilize the wrist joint but I am looking for any general advice on how to strengthen and improve wrist joint stability before I end up with an injury if my wrist happens to “shift” at an inopportune moment. I also have small wrists which probably doesnt help this matter either.


Dan John has had some MAJOR wrist injuries etc he had to come back form It might be wise to ask him in his locker room. Also maybe hit up EC and MR. Other than that cant help you myself accept to say I would practice GRABBING the bar hold that SOB as thight as you can in the exercises keeping the hand wrist etc all tight and stable.

Oh and that’ll be enough of that signing you post with “Phil” Your bound to get ppl confused :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

I know I got confused :stuck_out_tongue: But as Phil said Dan John would likely be your best resource, or possibly even go see a physical therapist.

I forgot to mention this before, but masterbate more.

[quote]Raimisch wrote:
I forgot to mention this before, but masterbate more.[/quote]

Not sure if that’s in fact a “cure all” or just more snake oil (yeah, bad pun, I know)

Sledgehammer work

[quote]Vikingfan wrote:
Sledgehammer work[/quote]

Ya know… Ive been thinking about something like that. I do have a 10 lb sledge. I feel kinda stupid asking this but what do i do? Do I just go outside and start smashing something with it? Also, is there maybe some sort of routine I can do indoor with it w/o smashing something?