Improving Type 3s?

Christian or anybody,

What are some tips, hacks or supplements for type 3s to become a better versions of themselves outside of training. I’m sure lowering cortisol is a big one. Anybody have any thoughts?

If you know you’re a Type 3, then you likely already know the basics: don’t lift above your 5RM too often, focus on full body routines, limit workouts to 3-4 days a week, aim for 40-50% of your calories from carbs. Here’s a sample routine from CT himself. I like Wendler-style full-body routines, too.

In terms of supplements, the game changers for me have been 500mg rhodiola every morning, 5-10g glycine after workouts and another 5g every night before bed, and 400mg 5-htp at bedtime. CT has recommended all those at one time or another in various threads around here.

Hope some of that helps you.

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yes i came across those supps recommended by CT. What about caffeine? should type 3s totally avoid it?

5-htp at bedtime ? why ? i thought we should take it in the morning with breakfast ?

Yes, Caffeine increase cortisol

Increase serotonin for sleep.

better in the morning or at night then ?

I started taking it at night to help with sleep and found that it drastically improved my mood the next day. Haven’t tried taking it in the morning, but it works well for me as a nightcap (with about 25mg B6, 600mg magnesium, and 200mg theanine).

Seriously, if anxiety or depression is an issue, give 5-htp a try. It’s been a life-saver for me.

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