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Improving the Taste of Green Tea?


So Berardi recommends making iced green tea (green tea for the obvious health benefits) because it's just easier to make in bulk and chill.

However, cold green tea tastes like pisswater...that aftertaste honestly is like having eaten hand lotion.

I have tried the ones that have fruit flavorings in them and I still can't stand it.

Is there ANY way to improve the taste, because otherwise I think I'm switching to white tea.


You get used to it after awhile. White tea is good but more expensive.




I used to enjoy putting Stash Honey Lemon sticks in my tea. I think its one of things like plain canned tuna or cottage cheese that you just have to trick your brain into enjoying purely for the health benefits.


I use one green tea teabag, and one regular tea teabag for each cup, the regular tea masks most of the green tea flavor.


Does anyone actually use green tea leaves like I do? I just boil some water and add them to the leaves and sip it during my class.


Have you tried green tea with mint? I also hate regular green tea (it seriously makes me nauseous for some reason), but recently I bought some green tea with mint and really like it. The mint is refreshing and covers up the green tea taste.


Get better green tea. Seriously, the difference is night and day. I used to drink the cheapo stuff I brought from the super market and I thought it tasted like grass. Go to an orient store and buy some japanese green tree or green tea with brown rice (genmaicha). The latter is especially good in my opinion.

That's hot tea, though I'm sure it'll be fine cold...


You can put sugar in it.


The bad (tannic) taste you're describing could come from oversteeping the tea. Green tea is meant to be steeped in not quite boiling (~180-190F) water for a bit under two minutes. If you steep it in boiling water for five minutes, then yeah, it'll taste aweful.


I "think" steeping for only four minuets will be just right, any longer and the tannin will make it bitter.


I drink A LOT of tea, and use Stevia for sweetening


I use 2 packs a day in regular hot water, and throw in some packets of Splenda.

Tastes wonderful, then again...I use a very high quality Green Tea (expensive).

It may be the brand your using.



Jasmine green tea is pretty tasty.




Agreed I love lemon in my green tea