Improving the Side Press?

Looking to get good at side press/bent press.

Can people provide recommendation on proper form, progressions, flexibility, etc.

I have 1 yr of training where I have mainly focusing on correcting my weaknesses as illustrated in the “neanderthal no more” series.

My deadlift is at 240lbs right now at a body weight of 155lbs. (and yes, I’m eating, but clearly not enough).


Chiraag Gangahar

Why do you want to improve your side press?

It’s good that you know you should eat and continue to follow a simple strength routine. A double bodyweight deadlift should be a minimum so continue to hit it hard!

That being said I’d work on one arm push presses and windmills if you really wanted to improve it. PS I don’t see a reason to improve it.

I haven’t done a whole lot of bent press, but, from what I recall, thoracic mobility was a major factor for me.