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Improving Technique on the Jerk


Can anyone suggest some good articles/videos/form cues for the jerk? Strangely enough, the snatch and clean come more naturally to me than the jerk.


Do it like this.

On a more serious note, no instructional articles or videos come to mind (no good ones, anyways) and it's real hard to give someone meaningful cues whilst having no clue what they're doing wrong.


Few things that have helped me are Jerk Recoveries, Jerk Drives/Squats and Jerk Balance. I really like the Jerk Balance as it helped me to learn to step through the jerk & stick solid on my front foot...You can google sean waxman and jerk balance for a video of the exercise...

But as noted you have to know where you going wrong or have someone who can see where you going wrong to know what to do to fix it...


Thanks guys. My problem is definitely in the recovery, I have a hard time dropping down to the split stance fast enough


The recovery is bringing the feet back to together after receiving the jerk over head in the split. That sounds more like you're having trouble actually splitting and receiving. I would recommend two drills, jerk balances, and tall jerks (I prefer the tall jerk from the front even though this video demonstrates it from the back).