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Improving T-Nation

Hi people

This has probably been done before but ill ask anyway.

How would u guys improve the T-Nation website.I was just looking through and was just amazed at the evolution of the web site.
Is there any improvments than u guys and gals can think of?
A couple of things id like to see are:
1.Reader mail to come back,i used to love reading them everyweek.

2.More articles from ian king chad waterbury and TC (now i know there is only so much these guys can write about but they are just my favourite 3)

3.More training articles for the TALL man 6 feet 2 and over.

Maybe a few other thing’s i cant think of now but i dont want to piss and moan about what we havnt got im just glad we all have the best source for bodybuilding in the world just one click away.


Yeah, I like reader mail too.

But maybe they dont do that because they are interacting with the readers via the board?

I like reading the good reader mail.

Some people said some really smart shit.

Really smart. And there is a lot of smart shit said by posters, but there is a lot of text to go through to get to that gold.

Great website. You can tell they are going for it, trying to make it bettterr all the time.

I put my vote in for reader mail returning.

Articles from Tim would be awesome too, I know he’s busy running the show but I like his stuff as well.

Reader mail rocked.

It wasn’t the smart stuff, but the dumbass stuff and the smartass replies that made it so enjoyable.

First, I’d make the site free.

Second, I’d get some of the most knowledgeable people in the fitness world to contribute informative and effective material.

Third, I’d set up an internet resource for interaction between both readers of T-Nation and those who actually work for T-Nation.

Fourth, I’d give really cool stuff away for free so’s the readers could review it.

And finally, I’m make sure all of the Powerful Images featured me in various stages of undress.

. . .

Hey, whaddya know? Just about everything I would do has been done! Guess that just leaves one more thing.

1>I would have all articles and posts that are written by contributors e.g. Chris T., Dr. John B., et al. organized so a search may be done on that individual for ease of finding information.

Make the search option more user friendly.

2> HHH. Are you Triple H or what is the meaning if you are not?

I don’t know, can you make this place better? I guess there is always room for improvement.

I know everyone is busy with getting the mag up and running, stuff has been a little slow, and it’s the holiday season, but everyone is still doing a bang up job. I really dig the Think Tank, even though the T replacement and Case Study posts are way over my head. The only complaint I have is that Surge is out of stock, and I hope that is only a temporary problem(right BIOTEST!!!). As long as TC keeps talking about his penis(I’m not gay but I get a warm fuzzy feeling…well…nevermind), Shugart keeps talking about killing all the fat people, CW and CT keep droping simply amazing workouts on us, and JB continues to show me how to improve my diet I will be happy.

Maybe this might be going too far, but I could see them giving everybody a personal space. Each person could have a completely customizable homepage with access to e-mail, (yourname@t-nation.com, or yourname@testosterone.net,) where if a person clicks on your profile they can not only get your most recent posts, but links to your favorite articles here, and access to your personal blog, and even physique pictures if you are so inclined to post them.

Oh yeah, cartoons. We need cartoons.

More Dan John, More Coach Sommer, More Joe DeFranco…

We can rest CW some… I bet most of us haven’t even gone through all of his programs yet.

HOSS is prolific lol!!

More baddassery. More MMA specific stuff would be interesting definitely.

More book reviews (shugart!)

More articles from Lonnie, his detailed dietary plans are golden example!

Motivational stuff. (the strong words portion really does it for me)

And I concur, we need to hear about the penis. Cocks have that kind of hive mindset. We need to know about the well being of our fellow alpha male’s :stuck_out_tongue:

A listing of hardcore gyms.

the mage would turn t-nation into like myspace.com :-P… the blog thing is a good idea though I like that. Everyone could have their own personal workout blog… that’d be intense server wise though.

Bring the reader’s mail back or maybe create a weekly feature with about 5 most infliential posts on here.

Improve search!

Other than that, the web-site improved EMOURMOUSLY and is very pleasant to visit now. Thanks!

Making the search engine more user friendly, ie. less cluttered would be my only request. The Mage’s suggestion is cool too, but I could take it or leave it. It would be cool to go to Wideguy’s blog for a pics, videos, etc. of his sexual escapades. Ha!


  1. No matter how much you think you know, how fast you can search for info on Google, and how well you can use the thesauras, YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE ANYONE’S MIND.

  2. No one gives a shit what you think about politics.

  3. This is a website dedicated to building a better body.

  4. There are plenty of other chat rooms and forums where people would love to hear what you have to say.

  5. Cyberspace is limited and expensive - the more you waste on your pointless arguments the more cyberspace is needed to run this website.

I would like to see a decision tree made for people who can classify themselves and work there way down the tree unto a particaluar nutrition program or workout program that would be geared to their goals.

Level 1: Fat guy in little coat
Level 2: Low Carb program
Level 3: High Intensity Workout
Level 4: Optional Supplementation
Goal reached: T-guy in little coat

Kind of like windows explorer tree.


[quote]boonville410 wrote:

  1. No matter how much you think you know, how fast you can search for info on Google, and how well you can use the thesauras, YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE ANYONE’S MIND.

  2. No one gives a shit what you think about politics.

  3. This is a website dedicated to building a better body.

  4. There are plenty of other chat rooms and forums where people would love to hear what you have to say.

  5. Cyberspace is limited and expensive - the more you waste on your pointless arguments the more cyberspace is needed to run this website.[/quote]

I like to think that this website has evolved into building a better man. I don’t see anything wrong with open forum discussion that includes politics. If the guys at T-Nat had a problem with bandwith, they would have handled it accordingly. Also, if you have a problem with the political forum, don’t go. As I see it, while I may not be a contributor to the politcal forum, it seems to be one of the more popular forum subjects here on t-nat.

I too kind of miss the reader mail and odds ‘n ends that got thrown in with it. Even though all the ingredients still exist, there was something about it that doesnt’ seem to get replicated in the forum format. But I’m not sure how it could come back in any way that recaptured what it was.

I’ve recently been adding all my bookmarks onto the del.icio.us website. This is great for website exposure. Yesterday I only found two other users who have “T-nation” listed in their favorites.

The only thing I wonder about this site is impression first time users will get. I’ve been an avid Testosterone reader since the beginning, so I’ve long since lost my perspective. I certainly think the evolution in site design and format has been absolutely great.

But the first few screenfuls of T-nation appear to be advertisements. Then the rest is forum headers. This summer I couldn’t even find where the “articles” section had gone.

I’ve tried to walk some people through the site for the first time. It doesn’t seem too intuitive for the average, newbie, hook-me-with-some-articles person. My fear is that it may seem like a rather insular group of in-house posters.

These are just some musings. I love T-nation. I’m sure the staff has done the requisite testing and marketing - I am armchair quarterbacking here.

But I am also a T-nation evangelist and I am always trying to get people over here to educate themselves and upgrade their suppliments.

Some of the improvements like making the hot 'n lusty pictures optional helps me promote the site. But moving them to a secondary page altogether would be an improvement. I think the site design and content is more than compelling enough to draw and maintain the attention of anyone more than slightly interested in “fitness” related issues. I think even the one picture detours many intelligent readers.

Did I mention I love T-mag? Even if it stays the way it is forever. Just my thoughts.


The only thing I would like to see is more on the Biotest end. I would like to be able to access an order status page that contains an order history and tracking numbers for my shipments. I don’t think this would be particularly difficult to setup, and I am sure this would cut down on requests to their call center for order status information, because I’m sure I’m not the only one calling for this info. And, it would be interesting to see what stupid amount of money I’ve spent on Grow! too.

Honestly, we’re talking minor improvements here. The site is good as-is.

One thing I’d like to see is a “forum best” area. There’s a lot of good information buried in all these threads, but there’s an awful lot of them. Having a few highlighted by the staff would go a long way towards making the knowledge here more accessible.

I’d also like to see a low-bandwidth option for the site that makes it a little less graphics intensive. Going through here on dialup can try my patience at times.

Ok I thought of one thing that needs to be improved. T-Nation, as a website, is buggy as hell. I always get Apache/Tomcat errors when I check out older articles and sometimes the mainpage doesn’t completely refresh. There, I found something to bitch about.

Well, since you guys brought it up…

What would be the point of Reader Mail? The way the site is now is like one GIANT Reader Mail. You post, we reply, others reply, and so on. I don’t see the point. If anything, Reader Mail was more restrictive. We would only post a portion of what you guys sent us. Now, pretty much everyone gets heard.

As I have mentioned several times, some of the old articles did not make it thru the conversion from static HTML to the new and much improved way we do it now. For future designs, we needed to make it so any article, from any time period, would fit into any interface we design from now on. Converting 2500+ articles was no simple task. If you see articles that have issues, let us know and we will go fix them manually.

At T-Nation, we don’t do anything the way everyone else would. We strive to push the envelope in everything we do. Hence the custom application. As far as any technical issues / bugs, we have made giant strides in addressing and repairing almost all of the big ones. The site is more stabile than it has ever been. Some of these issues have to be expected when developing something this massive from the ground up.

Since the internet is an “organic” and ever-changing medium, you can expect us to be adding features and augmenting things on our sites pretty much non-stop. It’s like the weather in Colorado. If you don’t like it, wait five minutes.