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Improving Squat!

Sup peeps

I have decided to ad some strength training into my workout I would like to improve my squat strength most of all.

At the moment I squat 100kgs for 8 reps if I go any heavier I find after the first couple reps my knees tend to bow in on the way up

Its not that I feel its to heavy I just find it really hard to keep my form good.

I recently brought some knee wraps and they seem to help alot but I’m not sure if they help TOO much. I can squat 150kg for 5 / 6 reps

So my questions do knee wraps hinder strength and size gains due to making it easier.

Also is the 5x5 a good place to start for strength gains.

Any ideas on how I can improve my form when squatting big weights

No knee wraps will not hinder your progress. They are helping you out of the hole but you still have a extra 100lbs on your back. Only thing that will really become hindered is the strength you have out of the hole if you rely on them to much. I personally recommend you keep the wraps for 1-2 top sets on heavy days tops for now. Right now you need to work on over all technique, glute, and hamstring strength.

Awesome so do you think if I do 4 sets of 5 reps without the wraps then 2 sets of 5 reps heavier with wraps does that sound like a good place to start?