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Improving Squat Flexibility

I haven’t been doing squats for very long, about 6 months, and only consistently for maybe 3.

Before, I just did leg press and extensions…the usual excuses.

Now, I want to improve my squat ability. Right now, I can bench more than I can squat (with good form).

The weight issue isn’t troubling me, I can improve that easily enough. It’s getting the FORM down that worries me.

I cannot squat parallel. My body just won’t do it. With a narrow stance, it’s my hamstrings that stop me. My foot won’t flex upward enough so that I can squat down to parallel without (1) getting up on my toes and (2) leaning too far forward.

Using wide stance, I can barely move downward at all. My hips just don’t seem to be able to produce that motion. With a wide stance, I only go downward about 4 or 5 inches, even with no weight.

So, is this a typical beginner problem that will correct itself in time by simply keeping with the squats?

Or, are there some other actions I need to take to address this problem?

Check out Coach Davies older articles he addresses hip flexibility by using hurdle drills and other drills. Or check out his website.

It takes time and patience.


I’ve found Overhead Squats to be tremendously beneficial for flexibility.

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Stay strong