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Improving Splits


does anyone have any tips on how to improve these?
l am 3 inches from the floor.


Become more flexible.


Try jelqing.




This should do it




Cut off your manhood. It's probably getting in the way.




seriously though, just stretch more. No need to make it more complicated than that.


Thanks for the help men


Ha, it only gets in the way on close stance squats and deads


I had been trying to do the splits for about 3 years with not too much gains, then I tried doing some yoga-the sun salutation- and found that suddenly I could do the side splits. This routine doesn't stretch your groin, but maybe something else is holding you back, you didn't give much background.


l have been doing them (l do both legs to the sides, I havent
tried one leg forward one leg back much yet) for roughly 2 months.

I have plateued about 3 inches off the ground so figured I should
learn more to improve them.

My next goal for flexibility is a wishbone, so any advice
there would also be helpful.