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Improving Serratus Anterior Muscles

watching Pumping Iron for 100th time or so got me thinking about serratus anterior muscles and how great they look on BB’ers.

Then I realized…mine aren’t really that visible. I imagine it’s one of those muscles that BB’ers get as a result of training other, larger muscles, and not from specifically doing anything to bring them out…but I do all those compound movements and don’t have significant serratus muscles.

Maybe I’m just not lean enough? (roughly 9-10%)

Are there any methods or exercises to bring them out? I found one article that said to overextend past lockout on pressing excercises?

Any ideas?

Pullovers and hammer grip pulldowns really hit those great. But yes, it is largely a function of leanness.

Leanness is a huge issue. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever seen my SA muscles, but I’m sure they’re there.

I’ve found that woodchopping-style movements seem to work the area well. Get a rope, set the pulley to roughly the height of your head, stand perpendicular to it and “chop” downwards, resisting on the way back up.

while i’ve never worked mine directly before prepping for a show, I was actually a bit surprised when mine became visable simply from dieting down pretty far (my brother guestimated around 7% a few weeks back). I was always concerned with adding any ‘thickness’ to my midsection, but currently do medicine ball twists halfway reclined on a decline bench. really good burn, and I don’t think my obliques have suffered either


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Heavy dumbbell pressing work and vertical pressing.

The one that BBB mentioned hits the external oblique too.

I find that static military press holds works it hard! Just from personal experience.

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