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Improving Rugby Performance

hello coach adn all
I currently play rugby flanker and centre, so for these positions in the game i have to have very good level of strength speed stamina and explosiveness.

At the moment i weigh 80 kg which is fine but in future would like to weigh more. my current 1 rep maxs are deadlift: 172.5 beltless 115 kg bench 140 squat ass to grass. I have a really important tournament in end november start of november whcih their will be scouts their so i want to be in very good physical form to try and impress them.

My main goals are from the training programme:

  1. more explosive (break through tackles more, be stronger in the contact tackle harder)
  2. be stronger and add some muscle to frame
  3. Be match fit above anyone else

For power i know i should do plyos and sprints. plyos after the warm up to activate the body and sprints as conditining. however i dont know which programme to use or follow i was thing Westside for skinny bastards as it involves strenght and dynamic work however i thought that this programme should be atleast a 12 week training programme. aswell with jim wendlers 5/3/1 for strength , i know i can put in power cleans and jumps and throws but i want to focus on all the aspects as much as possible and improve them to be better on the field physically.

the programme i created myself is the following:
sUNDAY: Lower
6x3 box jumps
4x3 hang power cleans (60%)
6x3 back squat (80%)
4x3 speed deadlifts (60%)
split squats 4x6 supersetted with 4x5 good mornings
finish with core ( palloff press, turkish get ups, woodchoppers, stability ball explosive russian twists) and sprints

Monday: upper
6x5 medicine ball press against wall
military press 4x6 (80%)
speed bench 4x3 (60%)
barbell row 4x8 suppersetted by incline db press 4x8
shoulder press 4x8
finish with core and conditiong

Notes: thursday will be front squats instead of back squats and thinking of replacing goodmornings with hip thrusts for the power, maybe good idea? and sprints and core

saturday: bench heavy and do push press as the speed movement of upper and conditioning. i want to add in pull ups aswell somewhere just to put a bit of muscle aswell and farmers carries.

The progression consits off every week im going to add 2% to my lifts so from 80% its gonna go 82% 84% etc etc.

I have been suggested to try this out http://asp.elitefts.com/QA/training-logs.asp?qid=216420&tid=150 and just want to get the best out of any programme for performance.

Thank you all for your time!

1-train your glutes. heavy barbell hip thrusts, heavy kbell swings etc. Use the broad jump as a test of lower body power.
2-as a flanker you need an awesome aerobic base, so do some long slow runs as well as high intensity conditioning. I would mix my sprints into a circuit with other exercises that mimic game conditions eg sprint 50m, heavy sandbag throw x 5, burpee x 10, sandbag drag x 20m, repeat for rounds or time

for training the glutes should add the hip thrusts or replace another exercise with it and should i do 5x4? what about on one lower day do 3 consecutive broad jumps in a row? have no access to sandbags unfortanetley but on upper body conditioning days will be doing stuff like rugby leauge style suicides, shuttle runs, and tabata or do 2 push ups, sit ups tuck jumps and burpees then 4 of each up to 8 then go back down 8,6,4,2. the sprints are to focus more on speed

I would swap the hip thrusts for speed deadlifts. as for sandbag, make one. get a big sack, fill it with sand/dirt/gravel whatever. cant get a sack use an old tyre, a rock, a log. I read the article you linked, sprints only for american football players is ok because each play lasts such a short time. for rugby you need an endurance base, so ignore the bit about jogging is a waste of time. sorry for the grammar, wasin a hurry

i agree yes i think i will do a 4 week cycle of the football programme weights then do this for the last 3 weeks as a peak cycle maybe?? and for conditioning i will do the gaesers as they are very good and translate for rugby however will add in some more endurance based