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Improving Recovery Time?

First ill give you an example:
at one point of time in my training about a few monthes ago I decided to focus on dips and pullups , from about the same starting point , I can dip much more then I do pullups.

infact I can do dips to faliure freakin all day long and never get sore or acumilate fetiuge or anything , jsut get stronger and stronger , with pullups even doing half assed reps with no weight hanging on me after about a week or so I get sore and have to take a day off ,

then I am not sore but lift as well as I did when I was sore to some extent , so it improoves a bit and then all over again…

I have tried different things and trying right now , but how come certain body parts recover better then others? and can you train for your body to be able to recover faster from intense training?

because I see other guys training for hours at a time with gymnastic rings and then going to a gym to squat and bench and they do it for 6 days a week…

I heard many strongman train that way , how do I build my recovery to that level and still train well enough to make soem gains (I’m not a powerlifter so maximum RM on a meet doesn’t interest me , I need strength I can use again and again everyday for parkour and stuff with al ot of climbing)

thanks ahead… no flaming please…

Read CW’s ‘100 reps to bigger muscles.’ CT wrote a very good article on how to improve recovery times, but I can’t, off the top of my head, remember the title.

There. No flaming. Happy?

Your back and biceps are probably just pretty weak relative to your pushing muscles, so a couple pull ups is basically doing a 2RM. As such, it’d take longer to recover. Massage and contrast showers are a couple of the better and more practical recovery speeding methods.

What’s your diet?

do certain diets help different body parts recover faster then others?
my diet sucks anyway…

and my back and biceps is huge ( I don’t haev the problem with my biceps though mostly my back getting sore)

and thanks ill read the 100 reps thing…

anyway what does recovery depends on that can be improoved?

I know training frequently with big volume is part of it , but if I do that for my back with with very low weight ill end up not being able to do any BW pullups at all by day 3

Dig up CT’s recovery article, it is a good quick read.

Also, from the Are You A Beginner II thread:

Rest and Recovery:

Okay, now that you’ve got your nutrition in order and you are following some type of reasonable lifting program, you want to make sure you maximize your recovery:

The Recovery Battlefield

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Of course you know that you grow muscles when you aren’t in the gym, right? Something you may not realize is that it takes a lot of time to put on serious amounts of muscle. With hard work and proper nutrition you will be lucky to gain one pound of lean body mass during a week.


To my knowledge, there’s not much you can do about CNS recovery other than just relax. However, a good cold/hot shower and some of the other advice in that link should kill the soreness.

Something I read in Siff indicates that acid-base balance may have an effect on one of the mechanisms involved in overtraining. Read some of Berardi’s stuff if you need more info on acid-base balance since he’s really big on that stuff.

For the past five week I have been working on my dips and pullups using a westside type method (ME/DE) days. But here’s the thing My max dip and max chin strength was not enough to make my bodyweight dynamic in nature on the DE days.

SO I have started using RE day with good results. How this pertains to you : you should just stick to using you bodyweight untill you can do 10-15 bodyweight pull ups. Then move on form there.

Good luck

Thanks for the replyes guys ,

by the way I could do around 40 with bw of each when I’m not sore … but at this moment only aobut 20 chins , I don’t do Bw much at all though