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Improving Recovery Time



I am new here and this is my 1st post. I have done some reading here to try to find the answers to my questions before I made this post, but was unable to find the info I'm after so here it is...

I'm 35 and have been working out on and off over the course of my life and have recently been getting back into it. In the past I have never been on any real speciffic "programs" I've just always been athletic and involved in various sports.

Now after getting overly heavy for my size 225lbs/ 5'-10" So, I've been working out with a basic 3 day lifting plan and took up martial arts 3 days a week (alternating from lifting)as well as strictly watching my caloric intake vs. calories burned and have lost 30lbs in 2 months, while keeping good muscle mass. My biggest problem right now is that I am recovering a little slowly from the martial arts work outs and want to be able to improve that if possible.

I'm not out to get large, rather I'd like to be more lean and size proportionate for my height. Can anyone suggest a supplement I can take to improve my recovery time?


GPP. Use the search engine.


big recovery drink straight after

1g/kg of body weight of dextrose
.5g/kg of protein straight after training, and a slow absorbing protein meal before bead

then high protein and fat the next day, remember to fuel your martial arts workouts with carbs too


I did, but thanks for the input.


Thanks for the help. I'm guessing that you mean carbs PRIOR to the MA work out right?


Sorry for asking what might be a stupid question, but what exactly does martial arts training in this context imply? Are we talking recovery from sparring, or static movements to practice form?

I guess I'm asking if recovery from martial arts activity should be treated differently than recovery from typical strength training...


check out CTs 7 recovery methods or something like that


I'm talking about general class workouts not including sparring. various work out stuff that can tend to be tasking on the legs. My hip flexors seem to get a serious work out and I find it hard to recover from that most speciffically.