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Improving Recovery Ability


I was just wondering if anyone had any input on how to improve recovery ability.

I currently eat 4000 calories a day along with Surge during and post workout. Increase every two weeks

Supplements are fish oil, creatine, Spike, Power Drive and Alpha Male.

Age 20
180 pounds
natural lifter

bench 200 (long arms)
squat 300
Dead 365

I get like 8-10 hours of sleep a night.

Workout schedule example

Monday off

Box Squat work up to 3 rep max then do 2-5 singles

RDL3x5 (5 rep max)

Mpress 8x3 (5)
Lunges 8x3 (5)

HH pull 3x8
Incline press 3x8

Wednesday stretching and feeder workout

Thursday Karate

Friday MMA

Saturday morning Karate then MMA


Max effort press work up to 3 rep max then 2-5 singles

Pull-up 3x5 (5)

Weight situp 8x3 (5)
Closs Grip lockouts 8x3 (5)

Rotator cuff exercise3x8
Pin pull 3x5

Any help would be greatly appreciated as my recovery ability seems to suck big time.


Well, judging by the fact that you seem to have your nutrition and sleep in order (I'm assuming you take in enough protein over the course of those 4000 calories), I'd say the only other active recovery method that I use and have experienced benefit from is foam-roller work on the muscles I have trained.


And if you've been following that regime for months on end without a break, you would really benefit from a week of rest (super light exercise only: nothing tougher than brisk walking). I recently took such a week after a schedule of working out five days a week without a pause for more than a year, and was amazed at my improved strength and energy when getting back in the gym. Good luck.


I'd try out Waterbury's High Frequency System. My recovering has gone up a ton while on the program.


I follow Dr John Berardi's percision nutrition so my diet is on point 90% of the time.