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Improving Quality of Sleep

I’ve been sleeping more than in the past at least on average 1-1.5 hrs longer per night and it’s done good things for my recovery and training.

Thing is quality of sleep needs a bit of work. I wake up frequently every and for the last couple of days naturally at about 5am. Defeats the purpose of going to bed early.

So I got some info on my log as to some supplements and compounds that might improve sleep but I guess I’m open to any other suggestions.

The most boring sleep tip has led to best sleep duration and quality for me… and that’s going to bed at the same time every night. If I can string together 3-4 consecutive nights of going to bed at 10:00, I’m literally struggling to keep my eyes open by 9:45 on night 5.

This might be obvious, but the sleepier I am when I go to bed, the better my sleep quality. And, what really makes me sleepy are nature documentaries. 30 minutes of David Attenborough discussing the mating habits of emperor penguins is a one way ticket to snooze-ville.


Theanine has improved my quality of sleep. But I take higher doses than the recommended 200mg (around 1g).

I don’t have the same issue as you. I have a hard time getting into bed. This, + stopping watching screens in the evening can get me sleeping sometimes at 11pm (very early).

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I can sleep for a crazy amount of time but have suffered from waking up several times briefly throughout the night in the past. Honestly just taking some Casein has done wonders for me. I guess I’m more full and ready for a coma. Might just placebo, but worth a shot.

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