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Improving posture

Hi all,
I sit at the desk alot at my job and want to improve my posture alot. I find that I get a line in my abs where my belly button is and I think that is from rounding my back. What muscles should I work to improve my posture and what SPECIFIC exercises should I do? Also, how many sets/reps should I do - keep in mind I am NOT going for size, just to make my posture eventually perfect. I work my abs alot so I dont think that is the problem. Looking forward for replies. Thanks

Buy a swiss ball, sit on it whenever possible, and do your ab workoits on it. It is one of the best pieces of training equipment i have used. Its also great fun. Believe me you wont regret buying one.

Although not too popular in the bodybuilding industry, working lower back and hamstrings will help with posture. People spend way too much time working the muscles on the front parts of their bodies and not enough working the back parts (except for upper back and shoulders). It’s the hamstrings that connect up and the lower back that give support and help with posture. As for specific exercises and reps, that’s entirely dependent on your strength and preference.

What size thera/fitness ball?

What specific exercises for posture? I am in very good shape!