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Improving Posture While Training

Having read the “Neanderthal No More Series,” I’ve realized that I have postural problems. I have rounded shoulders and sway back - typical lordosis and kyphosis. However, I fear that my overall progress would stagnate were I to follow the prescribed program. Is there any way to integrate good correctional regimen into a strength and conditioning program - without compromising the latter?

Here is my current program:

Day 1
8 X 3
1.5 Mins Rest

Front Squat
Push Press
Chin Ups

Day 2
4 X 6
1 Min Rest

Box Squat
DB Row
One Arm DB Bench

Day 3
4 X 8
1 Min Rest

Leg Press
Reverse DB Fly
Triceps Extension
Mch. Fly

Day 4
3 X 12
No Rest

Step Ups
Cable Row

Day 5


Day 6


Mobility and activation work before your workout, rotator cuff prehap type stuff after your workout.

Your question leads me to believe that you haven’t valued correcting your postural issues too high. Correcting those with loss of strength may be the ticket price you need to then soar past your current performance, presentation levels

You need to stretch your front delts and work your rear delts. A lot of BBers have lousy posture because all they want to do is bench presses which causes your pecs to shorten and pull your shoulders forward. Don’t fall into that trap.