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Improving Post-Children Body?

My gf doesn’t have an account so I’m posting for her basically. Shes been exercising her whole life and never really looked how she wanted. She had a little girl six years ago and two more to follow two years apart. Three children later she’s got a little bit of (her words not mine) “mom pouch”. Over a year ago she started training harder and not just her daily exercises/cardio. On average she’s following an Australian womans meal plan and workout routine specified to her goals in 6 week rotations. But the pouch wont change.
Shes sliming a lot else wear and fairly slim anyways. Very healthy size IMO. She estimates is 149 pounds 5’7" and in a slight caloric deficit. I don’t know the exact number right now but I will update later

My question is what can she do?
She has started considering tummy tucks and all these other things I feel are crazy. She even is considering 5mg var a day for a few weeks and upping it to 10mg.
If she’s healthy and safe I don’t care what she does to achieve her happiness but I was hoping to get experienced answers on the most honest forum out there so help me out ladies and gents! I know alot of you have experienced it and arent selling some vs online product through fake testimonials


Two out of three yes

It’s very possible it’s adhesions and scar tissue, which she wouldn’t be able to diet away. Maybe just knowing that makes her comfortable enough to live with it; maybe she wants to see a plastic surgeon. I’d imagine this is much more in her head than something other people would ever notice, but I also know that doesn’t make it any less real for her.

If the latter, see someone reputable that doesn’t need the business. Fellowship-trained plastic surgeons tend to be extremely skilled. Breast implants and tummy tucks are so commonplace for exactly this population they are often referred to as “mommy makeovers.”

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As a woman whose given birth and as someone who has been lifting for 20 years I can tell you that mom pouch never really disappears. It’s not fat, it’s extra skin, adhesions and scar tissue. Plastic surgery is pretty much the only option especially after 3 kids. From experience, you can have rock hard abs showing and there will still be that saggy patch of skin that totally bums you out as a woman. Sorry :sweat:


Thanks guys. It’s really beating her down emotionally so I was hoping the hardwork and perseverance was capable of making the change. She still probably has a ways to go to achieve the bf percent she wants and by then she can be decided on the surgical path to take if she wants it gone that bad. It sucks seeing her upset when she looks in the mirror

I get it. Maybe it helps her to just know that’s what it is? Also, there’s no shame! She earned that scar tissue by bringing life into this world. It’s a badge.

If she does decide to go the surgical route, neither is there any shame there - it’s a choice. Like any purchase, do your research, but these procedures have gotten very straightforward and safe.

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We have 3 kids, a fourth planned, and this thread brings up an important topic that applies to my wife too:
So many women have these skewed body images! My wife is constantly telling me she feels fat. (She’s not). She compares herself to 19-year-old anorexic girls and thinks she needs to work harder and eat less. Its ridiculous! How do we fix that self-perception and comparison issue?

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No clue but if you figure it out feel free to chime in. Positive reinforcement and consistent set seem to be the only things I can think of and they don’t solve the problem still lol