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Improving Performance In Video Games


Some of my friends are going for a competitive video gaming contest. What exercies / diet do you reccomend to help them? they are serious about this and its an international competition (world cyber games)

so far i was thinking

  1. upper limb speed (similar to martial arts, any recomendations for exercise selection?)

2 reaction time drills
3 some form of GPP for general fitness
4 posture stuff to help with all teh staring at screens and hunched over the keyboard...

weird question... i know... but any help would be appreciated.





Make sure they get enough sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc especially. Very important in energy metabolism and thus alertness.

A supplement like Spike would be a good idea; Power Drive or similar blend as well.

Good ideas for physical training, though correcting imbalances about the wrist, shoulders, and neck should be the main focus.

Flexibility, too - easier to sit for a long time if you're not tightening up.

As loathe as I am to suggest it, some longer-duration aerobic work may be in order too, or ultra0high rep work to increase cappilarization and bloodflow capabilities.

Just the ideas OTOH



Noticed this was in Strength Sports just now - I'd move it over to Off Topic. Gaming isn't a strength sport, even though you can prepare for it with physical training.



Doesn't eveyone just smoke before they play?

I just saw that on Entourage...


Somehow methinks that video game playing has very little to do with either physical fitness or strength. I am amazed this question is even on the site. In the words of Wufwugy...."wow".


yeah it was weird when they asked me to help.... thanks for all the answers though. and david i think they are pretty serious haha they are trying to watch what they eat and all (wow!) haha... yes assitance in nervous system stuff would be helpful as well probably.


I can't tell if this is a joke or not, can someone help me out? I failed humor in high school...


haha not a joke friend... dun worry about the high school test, this is a tough question...:slightly_smiling:


I'd go for GPP and postural correction.

Unspecific hand-speed and unspecific reflex drills don't really help gaming performance.

The mouse hand does not move at maximal or even near maximal speeds when you play, so training for more speed won't help a bit. Reactions would be best trained by playing their game.

What game are they playing btw?

And as far as all them captains around here, training and eating healthy does improve gaming performance, but I do agree that this is not a strength sport question.


several games. strategy like warcraft, FPS like counterstrike source, and halo2

but thanks for the replies so far.


Sit on a bed pan and get a foley catheter, and tell your oponent that there are NO breaks.



I agree with this. Plus, it will get you ready for a sedentary life confined to a couch as your kids bring your bloated 500lbs video game playing body Kentucky Fried Chicken and give you sponge baths.


haha that would work but the games are 30 rounds of 2-3 mins each so the catheter technique is not effective in this situtation:)


actually, (to my supprise as well when i met the team) they are really wanting to do their best. I agree totally that its more like darts or billiards than football or strongman. But they are willing to train and eat right to get that slight edge cos it really is a high level(international) competition and i would guess the diffence is really small at the high levels any edge counts.

from a positive perspecive its actually good that the top level video game players want to stay healthy in addition to mastering the games. that may show the couch potato kid gamers (these guys are 18-25 supporting themselves or studying in college) a good role model rather than the 500lb man prof X mentioned...


You could check out the "Heal that Hunchback" article series or "Neanderthal No More". I would only use these as guidelines however, because for a non strength-trained individual such as a video gamer the resulting DOMS may turn them off. Just keep in perspective what they are training for. Some light exercising and stretching may be all that is in order. w00t!


Surely Chris Moneymaker or one of the many other tournament poker players have a fitness video that would be applicable. It's a very similar spor....

Sorry, I can't say it.


First, I can't believe this post! hahaha. Seriously, just tell your friend to have some strong coffee..but I would try it out beforehand just to see how it effects him.


Dude, if we're talking about supplementation, you've totally got go with Spike. Didn't you catch that article where the guy played the little maze video game and noticed increased reaction times.

I'm not sure how significant physical training would be for a largely sedentary sport/activity. I'd focus on cross-training in pinball (the old-school stand-up game, not on a computer screen), chess (the old-school real-life board, not on a computer screen), and handball or ping-pong (the old-school type against a real person, not on a computer screen).


it all depends on the game but starting points would be
1) practice the game for 3hours a day and ween it off before the competition. you want to go into it fresh
2) memorization is the key to game success, memorize respawn points, respawn times, and the physics of the game(how high you should arc a grenade)especially for halo and halo2

3) get used to standing up and playing.
4)when practicing play with nice dry hands to prevent getting blisters
5) get a case of bawls and play (but dont get addicted to the caffeine)and scope out your competition
6) see if your comp allows screen watching if it does practice if it doesnt dont do it while practicing, master your radar