Improving My Squat

Hey everybody, I have been having issues with my squat in general, when I back squat I fall backwards, when I bodyweight squat I also lose balance.Front sqauting when Im Anteriorly loaded my squat im proves by millions, but even then I cant go full range because my butt tucks in when my butt is almost parellel to the ground which is not good enough.

If anyone can help with any suggestions on any other tight muscles I should stretch or improve mobility?
FYI:I have tight hamstrings and groin is tight.

Yeah I would start by improving your mobility, ankles, hip flexors, etc there are tons of good videos for this on youtube. Also if you can post a video of your back squat, would help alot more troubleshooting what you are doing.

box goblet squats would help you groove the movement pattern. You’d adjust the box to being ever so slightly higher than the point where your back rounds.

Back when I was able to squat (can’t now due to surgeries) I could NEVER ever do a body weight squat without falling over backward. I always just did a a few sets of body weight squats where I held onto the rack for support to loosen up my hips, then did a few sets of really light weight (just empty bar, next set only 95 pounds, next set only 135, etc). By the time I was starting to move more challenging weight in the 200’s and 300’s I would be loose enough to squat easily enough.

Obviously doing mobility work will help, but in my experience even doing that I still had to do a pretty prolonged warmup on squat days.