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Improving My Lifestyle & Look

A big hello from over the pond! My names Edd and i live in the UK. Cant remember how i found you but nevermind!

Anyhoo, im just really looking for advice on how I can improve my lifestyle and the way i look. Im not the smallest of people, am approx 6ft4 or about 195cm and weigh approx 280 pounds. Now i wouldnt say its fat but more of just a bulk (although i have developed a little bit of a gut) Currently i dont do any weight lifting but i have just started cycling around 10 miles 3-4 times a week.

I currently eat just three bog standard meals a day. Cereal for breakfast, two sandwiches for lunch and a cooked dinner. I do snack inbetween but thats usually fruit.

Any help is greatly appreciated and also any self motivation techniques and work out regimes would be great :smiley:


What are you goals?
What do you want to do, and what do you NOT want to do?
What are you not willing to give up ie. cycling?
Have you been through the training articles section?

My goals are to improve fitness, tone up and lose fat. I dont want to give up cycling as its one of the only cardios i am able to do. Having had 3 lots of knee surgery in the last 2 years my cartlidge is pretty much destroyed as it is, so things like jogging are a no no due to the impact. Have had a quick look at the training articles, need to read more indepth!

your diet sucks, im amazed how you can weigh so much with just that

my diet is something like:
banana(fast carbs for breakfast)+some meat or fish(protein)+some brown rice(slow carbs)+say about 2 glasses of milk(protein+good for the bones, and good for bulking up)
then before gym a little more meat/fish+2 glasses of milk
after gym a postworkout drink of whey and milk(fast carbs+fast protein)
after 30-60 minutes an apple(some more fast carbs+vitamins and crap)+meat/fish+most of the carbs of brown rice(slow carbs)+2glasses of milk
then maybe some more meat/fish+almonds or some other nuts(healthy fats)

add in some vegetables, eggs in the morning/oatmeal instead of meat/fish+brown rice (i just do it for convienience) and thats a meal for bulking up more or less

just reduce the quantities if you want to cut down, at least of the carbs. if you are an ectomorph since you eat so little yet you weigh 280 then i guess you’ll need to eat mostly just clean meat/fish+vegetables and some fast carbs in post workout drink and a few slow carbs again 30-60 minutes post workout