Improving My Diet


I would like to improve my diet a bit, however I don’t know much about this topic. I always read the training articles rather than the nutrition articles.
My diet looks most of the time like this:


100 grams oatmeal + milk +some honey
=500 cal

TRAINING (07.00/08.30-09.00/10.30)
1Liter Milk + 30-100 gram protein powder + 1 banana
=900 cal


100 grams oatmeal + milk +some honey
=500 cal


100 grams oatmeal + milk +some honey
=500 cal


What my mum cooks (pasta, rice , meat, fish, vegetables , potatoes or something like that)
=700 cal


Up to 100 grams of nuts, sausages
=400 cal


500 gram quark (creme cheese) 20% fat
=500 cal

I hope you can read and understand everything. As you can see oatmeals and milk is the basic of my diet. I always say that certain meals have a certain amount of calories even if they are sometimes bigger or smaller. I avoid fast food and try to get enough calories and protein?
I am 18 years old, I normally train 5-6 days a week with the goal of becoming stronger and bigger. I am 182 cm tall and weight 103kg (225lbs), body fat is unknown, but not very lean, but also not very fat (maybe 15-25%?? Hard to guess for me).
On training days I try to get around 3900-4100 calories and on off days 3600 cal. That means on "off days " there is no 19.00-20.00 meal!

What can i do to improve my diet, only build lean muscle mass and improving performance?
The Biotest supplements are not available in Germany at least the last time I looked.

Thanks in advance for answers ! :slight_smile:

well you’re young and (I assume) you live at home. Do you work? The reason I ask is it’ll make your life much easier if you can buy actual food, rather than just existing on milk. Changes I would make would be:

Breakfast - have some protein. If meat and/or eggs isn’t an option then protein powder would be good here. You could add it to the oatmeal and honey.

Meal 2 - meh, looks ok. If you can handle all that milk then go for it, although if I tried to drink a litre of milk while I trained I’d be covering the gym in foamy white goodness, and not the good kind.

Meal 3 - see this is where it gets a bit silly. Another oatmeal and milk meal? Na. Have some meat and vegetables.

Meal 4 - seriously? More milk and oatmeal? Get some meat and vegetables in you. Seriously, it’s not funny anymore.

Dinner - fair enough, eat what your mum makes. That’s perfectly reasonable.

Snack 1 - nuts and sausage, while being the weirdest combo ever, is fine for a snack.

Snack 2 - the quark is fine. No problems there.

You really need meals 3 and 4 to be meat and vegetables instead of just relying on oats and milk. If you don’t mind my asking: how’s your digestive health with all that oats and milk? A lot of people will have trouble with that sort of diet when they get older.

I’ve been doing this on a Sunday:

I throw all the ingredients for a putanesca sauce, roughly chopped, unpeeled, into a tray then into an oven with 6 large chicken breasts for an hour (if frozen, half of that if not) with sweet potato, potato and other root vegetables.

At the bottom of some (large) Tupperware goes spinach then half the potato in one, some frozen green beans, then cut up chicken. Top everything with some of the sauce (careful not to get chunks of onion skin) and a drizzle of oil

Two of the containers have no potato, instead I take dry couscous to work as I have access to hot water and it takes 2 minutes to prep.

The remaining potato goes on a plate and I have it for lunch that day with some of the chicken. That gives lunch Sunday to Wednesday, Thursday I have a sensible lunch out. Friday I fast lunch and Saturday is a social lunch (again, sensible)

This takes almost 0 effort. OP, I recommend you give this a go in place of that mid morning snack and lunch.

In the AM, munch on a carrot and some sauerkraut as you prep your oatmeal. It makes a difference.

I’ll point out that your calorie calculations are wrong, since you mentined them

500 gr quark (20% fat) is 900 calories from fat alone

100 gr of nuts & sausage is at least 500 from nuts and thats sausage not included

why aren’t you peeling your onions you maniac???

@yogi and tsantos
Thanks for answering, I appreciate your answers.

Thanks for your advice. Ye I still live at home and go to school. My digestion health
is fine, thanks for asking haha.
If I replace my 3+4 meal (oatmeals + milk) with meat and vegetables isn’t that too much meat per week?

Yes that’s a good way to do it, thanks for the suggestions, I will incorporate it.

[quote]outlaws wrote:
I’ll point out that your calorie calculations are wrong, since you mentined them

500 gr quark (20% fat) is 900 calories from fat alone

100 gr of nuts & sausage is at least 500 from nuts and thats sausage not included[/quote]

Thanks for pointing out, but on the packing it says per 100 gramm 97calories. So that should be roughly 500 calories. I said 20% fat , but that’s not correct. I looked again and it says “20% I.Tr.”. That means 20% fat in the dry mass. It actually has 4 gram of fat per 100 gram.

I eat up to 100 gram nuts, depending on my activities on that day.

[quote]Yogi wrote:
why aren’t you peeling your onions you maniac???[/quote]

Haha they’re just to flavor the sauce, not to eat, so no need to bother. Onion powder is an alternative I guess