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Improving My Deadlift

Hey all,
Just joined T-Nation, very excited to learn for all you masters ;). I was wondering how to improve my deadlift. Currently i pyramid, doing 5 set of about 6-8 reps utill reaching 175 lbs. Thats ok with me considering i weight about 138-140. However, the majority of members here can deadlift much more than they squat. My squat averages about 235-245 for about 5 reps. Any pointers on how to inprove my deadlift? My goal isto at least reach 200 lbs by this summer. I should add that I prefer a straight legged deadlift without a platform. The gym i work out at is not big on lifting and thus platforms are not avaialable. I also do not use chalk or wrist straps so that may also be limiting the amount i can lift.

You’re going to SLDL considerably less than you would DL.

i’ll try a wider stance tomorrow then. Thanks!

Are you confusing a straight legged deadlift with a conventional deadlift?

[quote]pushmepullme wrote:
Are you confusing a straight legged deadlift with a conventional deadlift?[/quote]

I think she is.

questions like this without picture or video are incredibly frustrating.

so i’ll take a guess and settle on SIDS.


you guys are completely right. I keep my legs as straight as possible (but not locked out) whenenver I deadlift. I have seen the other type of deadlift but have not done it in the longest. I will def try it out in tomorrow’s workout! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You mean you start your pull with straight legs?

I’m confused.