Improving My Chest

hi guys if you could tell me what can i do make my chest looks better .i’v been training about a year and i don’t know if i have over developed my lower chest or just some fat

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Bench Press, Incline Bench Press. With barbell and dumbbells.

Go heavy with a barbell (3-5 sets 4-6 reps) and then lighter w/ dumbbells after (3-4 sets 8-12 reps). Alternate between flat and incline, both within a workout and in terms of which exercise you start with.

I like dips as well.[/quote]

Was going to throw that in too. Love dips.

I like floor press too. With bench, I have to focus if I want to “hit my chest”. With floor press, it just happens.

I don’t think the answer has changed in the last four days. Do this for a year and eat well. ^^

I found that on the last thread you started.

What was the answer you were looking for? If you just go ahead and post whatever it is that you want to do, maybe someone will agree with it and you can go about your business with the confidence of knowing that you were right.

Other than that, refer to the answers you got in your other thread. One of them will work for you.

are you stupid? Do you not process information like a normal, fully functioning human? People gave you FANTASTIC advice in your other thread. You insult everyone who tried to help you by asking the same exact question in a new thread. I hope this thread gets locked asap. what garbage.