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Improving My 40 Yard Dash

my coach has just informed me that he wants me to also run and not just lift at a upcoming combine

so my problem is increasing my 40 time i know there must be an article on here with help to that but i searched around and to really find no article so i decided to post here

if any1 has any tips or routines for increasing speed over the next month/next 5 months please help me out/guide me in the right direction

is westside for skinny basterds any good for that???

WS4SB is a good template, but it may not necessarily be optimal for you.
What are your numbers? (age, height, weight, squat, DL, vert, etc.)

5’6 210
bench 320 squat 415 never maxed deadlift never tested myself in vert or 40 but i can jump pretty high almost can grab rim

play lb and fb

Good article on speed training. Your strength is in place, so you can pretty much focus on power.

I agree with smallmike, thats a great article and it should give you a better idea of how to get faster.

I also think you should focus on power, take the strength you have and become a more efficient sprinter

The best thing that you can do to sprint faster is to sprint fast. Also you should work on various plyometric activities.

I have been reading the Vertical Jump Project recently. I hope to get much faster and improve my leaping abilities in the near future. Good luck with your speed work!