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Improving Mobility for Deadlifts

I’ve been lifting for about a year now, and my deadlift is my strongest lift (triples at 335). However, as I increase the weight, I find that I’m pulling more with my back, and less with my legs. I still keep my form good, with a neutral back position and my shoulders back and head up, but I’m pulling almost all the weight with my back, and very little with my legs.
I’d like to increase the weight I can pull by incorporating my legs into the movement, especially when getting the weight off the floor. Is there anything I can do to ensure that I’m using more legs and less back?

Are there any exercises that I can do that will increase my ROM, or force me to use my legs vs. my lower back. I have been doing snatch grip DL for a while, but I think that has just increased the ROM of my lower back.

If nothing to increase ROM, is there any exercise geared at training just that particular movement?

I don’t know how related this is, but my squats are not anywhere close to what my deadlifts are (triples at 260) as I have been rehabilitating my knee for the last few months. It’s in good condition now, but I’m still frustrated with the lack of progress.

Any advice?

You can do full squats? How is there a range of motion limitation?

I’d definitely think the snatch grips would force the acion to start with your legs/hips.

Speed pulls are good for groving the motion. Do 8x2 or 10x1 at 50-60% your max and focus on ripping the bar off the floor as fast as possible.

May need some accessory core work, if you can’t hold a nuetral spine. Mike Robertson had a column last week with some awesome core work.

Sumo deadlifts will put more emphasis on your legs that on your back.

you could try that.

I find stiff leg deads hit my hams more than any other. they hit my back hard to, but it feels like my hams do a lot more work than if I’m doing something like romanian.

Hip mobility is generally the limiting factor for squats/deads.

Is the deadlift different to the clean in that you need to pull it off the floor as fast as possible? Any strength here coaches know about this?