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Improving Lower Body Mobility

An issue I’ve always had is that any time I work lower body seriously I inevitably hurt myself, typically lower back. So I’ve finally decided to accept that in terms of lower body work I’m a beginner and I clearly have some big mobility issues preventing me from properly squatting/deadlifting. Is there a good program or routine I could do to get my flexibility/mobility to a place where I can start “safely” working squats and deadlifts? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Are you sure? Lots of people think they have mobility issues but have never actually tested their range of motion.

Try these tests:

  • lie on your back and actively pull your knee to your chest. Then use your arms to try and get any extra range. The non-testing leg should be straight. Repeat with the opposite side
  • lie on your back and do an active straight leg raise, one leg at a time. The non-test leg should be straight. Repeat with the oppisite side
  • attempt a standing toe touch
  • a normal bodyweight squat with feet shoulder-width apart

Film these and send it in. Try to have a front, back and side view for the bodyweight squat and toe touch

On the first two tests, have the foot of the non testing leg flat pressed flat against a wall (heels, balls of feet and toes). Make sure this foot doesn’t come off the wall when performing the tests.

Could you please also film and post videos of your squat and deadlift? Preferably, a video of you actually straining (maybe you have some videos of PR attempts etc), but if you don’t thats okay.

What programming have you been using thus far?