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Improving Insulin Sensitivity

I’ve been reading a lot lately about improving insulin sensitivity and thus improving your body composition. What do you guys know about the topic that could help me and what supplements out there can help?

Apple cider vinegar, fish oil, low carb(targeted carb) diet, insulinomics(sp?)

Best way to increase your sensitivity to insulin is through resistance training, or any method that puts you in a glycogen depleted state (i.e not over-ingesting carbohydrates).

There are supplements which help you deal with the glucose you do ingest, known as glucose disposal agents. They help shuttle glucose into cells through mechanisms independent of insulin; i.e your insulin will not need to rise as much.
There are a bunch of supplements that do this. Off the top of my head (these have been marketed as glucose disposal agents, I have no knowledge if they’re all effective or not)

Metformin (pharmaceutical), has a bunch of other effects you’d want to look into, many of them bad from a BB perspective
An extract of Fenugreek
An extract of cinnamon
Vanadyl sulfate
Chromium pocilinate
Fish oil and apple cider vinegar as mentioned above
?Taurine and ?magnesium

There are a bunch of others. Do a google search. These can be useful to take PWO with your carbs, but the effects will be subtle and only seen over a period of time. Don’t expect miraculous fat loss.

Initiating protein synthesis causes glucose to be uptaken in the muscle cells…the amino acid isoleucine has also been shown to specifically uptake glucose in muscle cells…

so, the goal would be to signal protein synthesis as many times in the day as possible…I suggest reading layne norton’s thoughts on meal timing, protein intake, and bcaa usage to achieve this…I can’t post links, so you will need to search google for it…

as far as manipulating the fat cells…

carnitine tartrate - take it with carbs…it needs insulin to work properly

sesamin - this is a ppar modulator that affects gene expression in cells…it decreases fat storing genes and increases fat burning genes…

EGCG - increases fat burning…has some health benefits

any fat burner that increases thyroid output - yes use it on a bulk…

plus - Vit D, fish oil, calcium, and zinc should help as well