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Improving Indoor Air Quality


Not sure where to ask this but here goes. I live in NY and it is not feasable to keep the windows open during the winter for fresh air. what can one do to improve the indoor air quality?


There are a number of free-standing room filters on the market.
Also consider an ionic device.

Google Ionic Pro.


Also I believe houseplants can improve Air quality. Also they make your place look and feel better, but I'm a bit of a Nature guy myself. I'm actually considering replacing some of my lighting with UVB bulbs so that I and my plants get more of the Benefits of the UVB rays, especially throughout the NY winters.



Move in with V.


bottle some fresh air and breathe out of that


Big house plants. Mini Trees, etc. Air filter wouldn't hurt either.


any recomendations on an air filter


If you have the money, get one that has a HEPA filter and UV capabilities. That's what I have and it works wonders. Nothing will get by that.


fart in coffee cans only. freshness guaranteed.

BONUS: neighbor being a dick? leave your coffee cans around his house. biological warfare!



also found a study by by NASA on this subject, but I'm lazy and didn't post the link.


These can go in your return air grilles or replace the filter in your air handler. This assumes you have forced air heat.

Disclaimer: My buddy is the inventor/company owner. I get them for free. They really work great though.