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Improving Fighting Shape

I have been toying around with boxing for about four years now,good skill set and nice power(or so the trainer tells me) but I probably look like Butter bean with better muscle mass.  My conditioning has been issue due to bad habits.  I am ready to get serious but, there are problems with this.  First, I can't currently train at my gym cause of financial issues, and when I get that taken care of I might have to dissapear for a month or two(arrested for one of my bad habits).    Wondering how low I could restrict my calories and lose as much fat as possible while still maintaining muscle(could probably go really low). Also how much shadow-boxing and roadwork can I do with a very low caloric base.  All advice is welcome, but please reserve any lifestyle judgements, I am making major changes, but I don't need any amatuer probation officers offering their two cents.  Thanks


oh dude, you just asked the unanswerable. Okay I’ll get the standard answers out of the way first. Look in the article library on this site for great diets. You can drop your caloric intake as low as you can tolerate.

Okay that out of the way, here is my personal advice. First, I’m not a liscensed anything and a bit chubby myself.

You can do as much road work and shadowboxing as you can take. Drop your caloric intake only a little. Keep the carbs low and protein high. Drink Surge or Gatorade or something else carbby when you get ready to go to the gym for your big workout. then have some more carbs right after, try to not consume many carbs the rest of the day.

If your committed you’ll lose the weight, of course, if your committed you’ll knock off the stupid crap that gets you sent away.

High Octane Cardio was one of the most effective fat burning routines I’ve done.

It’s basically a new take on classic roadwork, and you can do it without going into a gym. I’d try it out 2 or 3 times a week, with maybe 1 other day of a “traditional” full body weight training workout also.

As for nutrition (which will be equally as important), pretty much anything by Dr. Berardi is golden.

Good luck with your ‘situation’. Hey, bright side could be you’re around weights with nothing else to do for 8 weeks. :slight_smile:

HOC is one of the best fat burning workouts in that it works and is simple.

Also, check out the book
The Team Renzo Gracie Workout: Training for Warriors by Martin Rooney