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Improving eyesight

Hello t-men, i remember an old post about eye excercises.
i was just wondering if anybody knew where i could find the information about the eye-sight improving excersises,because my eyesight seems to be going.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance.

I would think it depends on what’s causing the eyesight to go. Might be worth having it checked out by a professional. That said, I heard an anecdote a couple years ago about a truck driver that had to wear “piggy-back” contacts (two contact lenses in each eye, one on top of the other). This guy used to have to pass the drivers license exam by memorizing the eye chart (listening to the people ahead of him), because he couldn’t see it, even with his contacts. Well, after a year on supplements of billberry (blueberries) and lutein, his vision actually improved to 20/35 with the contacts. I’ve read that these supps can help with macular degeneration, potentially other conditions. Could be worth a shot.

If it’s because of weakening eye muscles from looking at screens too long or something like that, this is what an old martial arts instructor of mine used to have us do and it really seemed to work (of course, I was pretty young then, so I don’t know if that plays a part):

Without moving your head, look up as high as you can, then down, then left, the right. Do this very quickly straining to look as far in each direction as possible. Be careful though... after you start building up even small amount of strength in the eye muscles, you can give yourself a headache.

I remember Paul Check had an article about improving your eyesight on his website. You might want to check (excuse the pun) it out.

Jason, I believe it was Hyok that wrote on the eyesight post before. Maybe he can help you out.

My optometrist(sp?)was nearsighted and after about two years of intense eye training became 20/20 again. The issue is that most optometrists don’t beleive you can do this. I noticed that whenever I was in highschool my vision tests would come back slightly nearsighted but by the end of the summer they were actually sightly farsighted. Our eyes were never intended to do close reading. The eye muscles will adjust themselves if you do too much. Most of the African tribes that still hunt are actually slightly far sighted. This helps them spot far off objects. Go see a progressive open minded optometrist. I used to have a convergence problem when I was a child, along with being slightly near sighted. Both were fixed but it took a year or two, and I had to do alot of exercises at home. If you continue to do alot of close reading you need to get some glasses that will keep your eye muscles relaxed(bifocals) or make sure that you don’t read for long periods of time.

I own three books on eyesight improvement and the only one that I can recommend is: Improve Your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses: A New Program of Therapeutic Eye Exercises by Steven M. Beresford, David W. Muris, Merrill J. Allen, Francis Young. There are other books, notably by Janet Goodrich and others that tout the Bates method of eyesight improvement, but a lot of times they tread into areas of pyschology and personality disorders. Basically, they try to imply that your eyesight is the result of some emotional issues you need to put behind you–like child abuse or feeling of abandonment by your mother and shit like that. I don’t buy that crap. I know of plenty of dysfunctional assholes who have perfect eyesight. It is true though that extreme emotional stress can bring on eye disorders such as astigmatism, but they play it up way too much. The Bates method recommends some contoversial methods, such as sunning your eyes and reading while in a moving vehicle. Improve Your Vision…etc was very scientific and objective in my opinion. It does not offer miracle cures. It also makes a very convincing argument for environmental causes of myopia. Following its guidelines, my right eye went from -4.75 (-1.50 astigmatism) to -4.00 (-.50 astigmatism). My left eye went from -3.50 (-1.75 astigmatism) to -2.75 (-1.00 astigmatism). Most of my improvements were in the first six months. I have not seen improvements in the past couple of years, but my eyes have been bad for a long time. I have read that people who experience myopia as an adult have a much better chance of restoring their eyesights to perfection. I hope this helps.

Ther is a book out all about improving eyesight. I think it deals with only nearsightedness. The book I believe is called The Bates Method. If thats not the title it is what the exercises are called and you may be able to do a search for it. It’s not widely known but I have heard of one person that it helped tremendously. Good luck.