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Improving Early Position In Deadlift

Just wondering what exercises you guys have found most effective for targeting the early stages of deadlifting. I would have put goodmornings at the top of the list but thats IMO and I’d love to hear others.


Deficit Deads. Stand on some plates and pull.

Snatch grip deadlifts, pullthroughs.

Isos at the bottom will help. Just stick on 50 lbs. more than your 1RM and pull like hell for 3-6 sets of 6 seconds.

Don’t do this very often or for more than about three weeks at a time, though.

wide stance box squats

and rack pulls, just because I can throw on stupid amounts of weight and go to town.

For me little tweaks in my form have been a big help . Such as making sure my chest is stretched up as far as i can get it before i lift and making sure that my big toe is lifted up which forces me pull through my heels from the start of the lift . Besides that pulls to the knee have helped as well .

How about practicing optimal body position at the start of your pulls?