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Improving Dips??


well i'm 16yo and about 160lbs, ive always been a good dipper (95lbs) but in the last 2 months my dips have not budged...at all...i can only get 3 reps out with 95lbs added... I was wondering what assistance exercises would be good for increasing the weight....thanx


DEcline bench press is very similar. Include those into your program (preferably heavy ones) if you want to increase your dips.


Change your dipping routine for a while. Use less weight and perform more reps. I never did dips with weight before about 4 months ago (just lots of reps), and I can do a decent amount of weight.


I do decline bench and even front(negative) dips... and i just cant bring myself to do more than 6 reps...its seems to bodybuildish... any other suggestions


Maybe try doing a wave type of loading parameter, or you could drop some weight and go for more reps at a slightly lighter weight. If you've been working on strength, maybe you need a little boost in the strength-endurance department. Other than that, I'm stumped.


Bodybuildish-bodyschmildish. You asked what will get you over the hump.

If your goal is to get stronger, and a higher rep workout for a few weeks will get you there, I guess I just don't see the problem.


If you have blast straps or gymnastic rings you could try doing dips on those. Doing dips on the blast straps is pretty tough.


yeah exactly.. . its only a body building exercise if your eating for it. ..


Try band training!

Tie the end of the band off at the bottom of the Dip rack. Put the other end around your neck.

You need to shake things up and band training will do it.


that is rank, ima buy a band and try that...