Improving Diet for Goals

Training & Diet going well. Adding Biotest Supplements.

35 yeard old
153 lbs (give or take 3 lbs.) weighing in at 150-153 in the AM
15% body fat ? (last I checked, at 156 lbs I was 16%)

Trying to get leaner (12% or less, body fat. 145 or less, bodyweight)

Running 2 days a week (2-3 miles)
Weights 3 days a week (barbells/dumbbells)
Conditioning 1 day a week (prowler, sled, drills, looking like a crossfitter, etc)


Getting plenty of AM protein (eggs, bacon, yogurt).
Lunch is usually lean meat with rice or on a whole wheat roll. Got a healthy lunch spot nearby. A bison burger, for example, is 395 cal, 28g fat, 40g pro, 27g carbs
Sweet Potato or left over dinner (meat/rice) for afternoon snack.
Dinner is meat with veggie and/or rice/potato.

Eating 1700-2000 calories a day. Haven’t broken down my fat, protein, and carb numbers yet.

Starting Indigo-3G next week with Plazma.
Wondering what % of fat, carb, protein to follow.

Tweaks, suggestions?