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Improving Chin-Ups & Pull-Ups

I am 13 yrs old almost 14 and i can do about 15-17 chin ups and I’m stuck on the pull ups is there any way i can get out of this rut?

I’m about 5,4 and weigh about 120, I know I need to gain some weight.

yes, practice doing pull ups.

fartmonkey -

you should try farting on the upward pull, this may create an extra boost and help you get past your plateau.

Squats and milk.

Seriously though, you need to eat to make gains. Doing very high rep sets isn’t going to get you anywhere. Get a weight belt or hold a DB between your feet or a plate between your knees. Take a session adding weight until you reach something you can only do 10 reps with. Then do some simple 3x8 work with this weight. Progressively increase your volume (e.g. try 3x9 or 4x8). When you’re ready, increase the weight and go back to 3x8. You’re a beginner, anything will work at this point, as long as you push yourself and eat.

This is very common. When this happens, I have my clients do four or five sets of singles on weighted chins or weighted pull ups from a dead hang then hold the top position for a few seconds and do as slow of a negative as possible. Works very well getting them out of a rut.

In addition to previous post:

For strength, you could try half your max number of pullups for three sets. At the end of each set hold the top and middle positions for as long as possible.

Failing that, go for partner assisted chins

Failing that, try changing your grip. Mess around with wide, regular, narrow or partially supinated grips to see if that helps as a transition to regular chins.

After, try a set of reverse pushups to build ROM / endurance

are you working the opposite motion equally as hard?
Get clever about it. Add weight to your body or work for longer time below the fatigue level.