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Improving Body Comp During HS Track

i have seen football players, runners and basketball players in my high school who are’t who are’t ripped at all. in high school sports like football,basketball and track the workouts are a great way to get some one in shape.

i have also met other athletes in these sports who have ripped bodies.

how did those guys get their ripped bodies. is it their nutrition or just their genetics.

i want to know this because this is my first year joining a sport in high school and i decided to do track. right now i am a 6ft 1in 165lb teen boy with around a 15% body fat. i want to be a sprinter this year. and most sprinters i have seen are ripped and muscular.

how can i make sure i get ripped and muscular during preseason and regular season track. i sprint 4 days a week to get faster

preseason starts in december and regular season starts around early march.

Burn more calories a day than you consume !

im sorry for asking this question again but i have just been thinking about this lately. i am a 6ft 1in 165lb teen boy with around a 10 - 15% body fat. for my height and weight i am skinny fat. i am skinny but with belly fat which annoys me because i want to get a six pack, . i am joining track this year. preseason starts in 2 months and regular season starts in 5-6 months.

i want to be a sprinter this year. preferebly the 100m or 400m. since it is currently the off season i sprint by myself 4 days a week. my workout is 10x100m sprints. i have been getting faster ever since i started. last year i was overweight but after a couple of months of working out i got skinnier and healthier. i was expecting to look muscular but i just look skinny now.

My question how would track transform my body.my goal when i finish track this year is to look muscular and ripped with more overall body muscle and abs. i don’t want to stay looking skinny fat anymore. the sprinters i have met at my school are just ripped and shredded.

my other question is how should i be eating. right now i usually eat around 2500 calories. but how much should i be eating during preseason and regular season. since i want to look muscular and ripped i need to be eating right