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Improving Bicep Endurance/Reducing Fatigue

A while ago I began focusing on training my back according to CT’s principles (initiate motions be feeling the lats/traps, holding the squeeze, etc).

My problem is that my biceps consistently become fatigued before my back. This is particularly noticeable on higher rep sets. My lats & traps are no where near fatigue, but my biceps reach complete failure.

For a description of my drop-off rate, here is the last DB curl workout I did (at the end of my deadlift/back workout). Yes, the numbers fall really fast. I stopped just short of failure on each set, and I do about a 2-second negative. 50#x8, 45#x9, 35#x7, 25#x7

Aside from adding in some higher rep curls throughout the week, does anyone have suggestions for how to improve my bicep endurance?

use lifting straps

rather than attempting to “build endurance” in your bis, perhaps you should take a look at your form on these back movements. Which movements to you get Bi fatigue on? Sometimes solutions can be as simple as weight displacement (keeping the weight/grip towards your pinky rather than your thumb), or concentrating on your lats. I find that the less people think about something like bi involvement during back movements, the less its involved. Perhaps you are just walking into these exercises assuming your bis are going to get hit along with your back.

How are your rest periods? Shorter rest means more drop off in weight in order to stay in the rep range.