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Improving 225 Rep Max


I am looking to improve my 225 rep max. here are my stats

Age: 17
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 252
Bench: 350
225 rep max: 17

Is there a way to imrpove my 225 rep max besides getting my 1 rep max higher? any info would be appreciated.


Well if your stats are that substantial at your current age, then there's really no reason to change what you were already doing before or doing right now.

Sure I could easily throw out an amplitude of ways to help, but it seems that you really don't need that much help in the first place.

If it isn't broken, then don't fix it!



Here is a couple of things you may want to try:

1) Pick a set # of reps, say, 30, to do with 225. You can do 17 now, so maybe do 15 on your first set, then rest for less than 60 s, than repeat, and keep track of the number of sets it took to reach 30, than try to beat that next time.

2) If your familiar with board pressing, you may want to rep out with 225, than add a board, rep out, add a board, rep out, etc. (I got this one straight from Jason Ferruggia over at elite fts. in the sport specific section, I actually think he answered this very same question over there not long ago you may want to check it out).

Good luck


Work up to an easy 1RM and then load 225 and do 17 for two workouts, then try 18 for 2 more (even if you can do more), then 19 for 2 more and so on.