Improvements on my Full Body Workout?

I keep track of my every workout days and increase weights time to time

Currently 205 LBS body weight, 178 cm height, around 15-20% body fat, 35 years old, software engineer

I try to do each exercise 3 sets and 12+ reps if possible - usually last set is until failure (except squat and deadlift)

Each workout usually takes about 90-110 minutes including warmup

Barbell Bench Press : 187 LBS - 12/13/14 rep
Leg Press : 275 LBS - 15/15/15 rep
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press : 55 LBS 15/17/13 rep
Barbell Romanian Deadlift : 174 LBS 13/13/13 rep
Weighted Decline Crunch : 44 LBS 13/13/13 rep
Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls : 44 LBS (each hand) 12/12/12/8 rep

Triceps Dip : body weight 14/17/17 rep
Dumbbell Stepping Lunge : 38 LBS (each hand) 12/13/14 rep
Incline Dumbbell Press : 55 LBS (each hand) 15/18/13 rep
Wide Lat Pulldown : 154 LBS 12/12/12 rep
Standing Military Barbell Press : 97 LBS 12/13/13 rep
Seated Flat Bench Leg Pull : 30/30/30 rep
Seated Dumbbell Curls : 44 LBS (each hand) 12/12/8/8 rep

Body weight pull-up: 12/4/5/4/4/4/3/4/3 reps (i wait less for this exercise between each set)
Free Barbell Squat : 176 LBS 12/12/14 reps
Decline Dumbbell Press : 55 LBS (each hand) 16/18/18 rep
Narrow Grip EZ Bar Upright Rows : 108 LBS 12/12/14 rep (I am planning to replace this)
Close Grip Seated Cable Row : 154 LBS 13/14/15 rep
Vertical Knee Raise + Pull : 11+11/11+11/11+11 rep
Cable Triceps Push Down : 143 LBS 12/14/14 rep
Standing One Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension : 27.5 LBS (each hand) 12/12/12 rep

I was about to write up a critique, but soon realized my post would be longer than your actual program. In short, I will say I don’t think you are ready to be writing your own program. There are plenty of good full body 3x a week workouts on this site you could use.


I agree with this statement. The whole response really.

Run a few well established programs and understand their methodology before attempting to write your own.
^speaking as someone who fucked away the first few years of training thinking i was smarter than people with PhDs in this stuff.

P.S “program” means something akin to 5/3/1, super squats, deep water, etc. It does NOT mean PPL or any other template.


What are your goals?
How are you progressing towards them?
What does your conditioning look like?
What does your diet look like?

A list of exercises and rep schemes is fairly meaningless without the bigger picture.

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Exactly @dagill2 mate

No offence to OP however workout critiques are fucking stupid

I long for the day to see a How Hard Do I Work Critique


Always time to start one.


I am progressing slowly increasing weights time to time

The suggestions I am looking for is kind of more hypertrophy for same time of workout

Like replace this movement with this etc

My diet average, however my life is extremely sedentary since I am a software engineer

Hypertrophy to what end goal?

Apologies, what i meant was how have you progressed towards your goal using your current approach? Is it working, basically.

I don’t believe swapping similar movements out is going to have any drastic impact on your progress unless the ones you currently use are hurting you.

Remember that an “average” diet has lead to the biggest obesity epidemic in history and made overconsumption the no.1 killer bar none. Maybe you and me mean different things by “average” though.

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Great point!

Are you open to just picking a training and diet plan from this site? If you don’t have to wonder if you’re doing the right thing, it makes just putting the work in easier.

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I know that diet is king

Yes I see slow improvements towards hypertrophy

I saw that upright row is not good for joints therefore I am looking that maybe I can improve some of the movements with replacing them

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My advice then is that don’t change something that’s working.

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x2 with this
try this

or 3 day 5/3/1 like this…

this guys stuff if really want to crank it up + very time efficient…

really not necessary. Take your time on one main big lift of the day to push hard and hit PRS and then burn through the rest at a decent clip 45-60 secs rest between sets/supersets etc getting a big pump


What would you do if I told you; you can get more hypertrophy for LESS time?
And exercise selection in not the critical component?

If the owners ones Badger put up don’t take you:

Or super squats

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The problem of shorter time for me is that if I don’t wait some time between sets I always get nauseous

I will check the links ty

Also here my last post workout photo

Ps : I believe my genetics are not good for bodybuilding
I have never been fit or muscular type. I put muscle very hard and lose fat very hard


You’re doing fine dude.


One method I’ve found invaluable on FBW is daily undulating periodisation. For example -

3 x 12

4 x 8

8 x 3

The bigger compounds sit well with the lower rep sets and, conversely, the isolation stuff goes with the higher rep sets. It also ups the boredom threshold. Personally, I think your sessions are too long but if you prefer it that way then there is no need to change anything. Also, software person or not, getting in 10,000 steps a day should be achievable. Your posture will thank you for it.


I’ve done something similar in the past where I would cycle through the intensities for different movements on each day so:

Day 1:
Heavy squat
Medium Push
Light Pull

Day 2:
Light Squat
Heavy Push
Medium Pull

Day 3:
Medium Squat
Light Push
Heavy Pull

Add in hinging, loaded carries and correctives as necessary. It worked so well, i stopped doing it.


Heck, so it’s not just me then! :rofl:

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