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Improve the Definition of my Arms

I am looking to improve the definition of my arms and the size, my biceps and triceps are above average for my age but just look big and not very defined, i want to increase the size of my bi’s and tr’s but i want them to look very defined. i am looking for exercises and routines to incerease size and definition.

post a picture.

Re-read the advice you got here:

pic of my bicep

It’s small. get it bigger by lifting heavy and eating lots of food. You won’t gain any respectable size while trying to lose fat

Shelby Starnes made a comment in one of his mini-articles that you can’t develop definition in a muscle that isn’t big enough. This is the case with your arm. You will never look “defined” without more muscle. So lift heavy, eat alot and spend some quality time reading articles on here about gaining quality mass.

… and get that broscience about exercises increasing definition out of your head. There isn’t an exercise in the world that will increase definition. Only dieting will. Which is not advisable at your low stage of development.