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Improve Shoulders


how can i build my shoulders ive been working out for about 5 months now and been doing military press but no improvement in my shoulders ?


we need a pic of of them preferably without clothing to properly help you.... your a girl right?


If you're getting growth in other parts of your body, then you're probably just not training your shoulders hard or heavy enough. Learn some new exercises too, military press might be boring after 5-months (plus lots of other reasons).

But yeah, if you're a girl pictures always help too :wink:


Yah sorry for that..... but are you JUST doin military presses??? bb or db or both? any raises? what rep scheme and how often are you hitting them?


Have you been doing only military presses? Has the weight been going up on the lift? Are you eating enough and growing overall?


Use the search option there a hundreds of forums and articles about shoulders on this site do some research before starting a thread you lazy shit!


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Alright, 5 whole months, huh? Try this. Continue training for another 4 years and 7 months. Challenge yourself to get much, much stronger on all of your lifts and eat sufficiently to support adding slabs of muscle to your frame. If after 5 years, your shoulders are still a glaring weak point--as opposed to your entire body being a weak point--we might be able to help. You see, you actually have to build some semblance of a muscular physique before trying to nitpick and observe that your shoulders are lagging. After a measly 5 months, the whole package is lagging.


Look, I don't think you read him right, almost 5 months....................


Well, if you wanna get technical, he/she said "about 5 months." Either way, I stand corrected and thusly change my recommendation from training an additional 4yrs 7mos to 4yrs 7mos and a few days.


Damn surfers, don't take kindly to yer kind. lol Anywho, as for the OP after 5 months of training what kind of gains were you expecting. Keep hitting them with heavy presses, and plenty of lateral work. That recipe is still good even for me with a litte more than 5 months on my weight belt.


stop doing 9,000 sets of 10 per session.

and military presses are kinda overrated


just military press?
weight you started with and weight you now use?
sets reps?


I feel like not ever exercise works for every person. The advice of do more and go heavy is not entirely accurate. Some peoples shoulders grow quickly from DB presses others have hardly any response. That'a the art of BB'ing. You have to find which exercises activate your target muscles. Then get progressively stronger on them.

I spent a few years shoulder pressing. I went from pressing 30 lb DB to pressing 105's. My shoulder development looked about the same as when i started, just a little larger and much stronger. They never got sore either. I tried endless variations. Tried Laterals, cable laterals, volume, hit, etc etc etc.... Been through it all. Never sore and hardly any hypertrophy. Then i started thinking outside of the box and started doing upright rows with DB. My shoulders blew up in weeks. They have been consistently getting sore from every workout and growing steadily.


Because i stopped following "routines" and followed my instinct on what felt like it gave me the best "burn" and "pump". It's debated where the pump or the burn 9do anything, but in my case the pump indicates to me the muscle is being hit hard, just like the burn i feel deep in the fibers. You have to invest the time to learn what moves your body responds to. Simple as that.